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Development Solutions and Contracting

Orion Services, Ltd. is a data processing corporation with more than seventeen years of business experience in designing specifications, as well as coding, implementing, and managing large software projects. This experience includes the design and coding of many business systems, as well as system tools and libraries to make the coding and support of these systems easier.

Recently, in the past three years, Orion Services, Ltd. has turned its attention towards developing business systems for the Internet. Increasingly companies are finding they need to provide secure data access to their customers through Wide Area Networks or the Internet. Orion is providing development, consulting and training services in technologies such as TCP/IP, Java Servlets, Java RMI, Enterprise Java Beans, as well as Microsoft ASP, and COM technologies.

Past experience has focused on Visual C++, Borland C++, Windows, Windows NT (Win 32 & 32s A.P.I.), client/server development, COM components and server development. These components were developed using VC++, MFC, Active Template Library (ATL), the Standard Template Library (STL), and Lead Tools.