Orion Services, Ltd.


Independent Consultant for West Group, Eagan, Minnesota
Westlaw.com: Worked on West Groupís flagship Java web-based legal research system. Member of the original Java prototyping team for the project.
Primary duties: Train C++ programmers in Java. Code server side servlets and server side applications. Write automated Java install system for the product, both server side and client side. Handle the Java client security implementations for Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Independent Consultant for IVI Publishing Inc., Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Primary duties: Implement IVIís ĎHealth Maní health manager product to track an individualís health information. The product was implemented in the Internet Explorer browser.

Independent Consultant for C.W.C., Mankato, Minnesota
SIGNATURE PLUS PROJECT: Co-lead architect on C.W.C. Signature Plus System. This is CWCís new flagship product. Primary duties: Design and implement COM server components written in C++ using ATL and STL. These server components were core components used by VB programmers to implement a true component solution.
RENAULT OF FRANCE PROJECT: Primary duties: Write a graphics display engine in C++ using MFC and Lead Tools to graphically build Renault trucks on screen-based input from user. In addition, wrote a suite of tools in Visual Basic that allowed installers to implement the graphics engine. Trained junior VB and C++ programmers to write OCX controls.
SALES PRESENTATION PROJECTS: Primary duties: Database design and code as well as train other programmers in database techniques. These systems were written in C++ and Windows. Assisted in the development of a sales presentation packages for Xerox Corporation, N.S.P. Corporation, and Freight Liner, Inc.